UNITECH Ultrasound Technology is our passion

The continuous and rapid technological changes and the need for increasingly higher quality standards, require daily research and development of innovative solutions where quality and reliability play an absolutely critical role in all business processes.

Unitech's mission has always been to come up with ideas and solutions for improvement in the field of ultrasonic technology,providing ongoing support to its clients in order to maximise productivity and hence its competitiveness.

Application areas

Thanks to the in-house design studio and a highly equipped and specialised laboratory, Unitech is able to follow the client at every stage of the project, from feasibility studies through preliminary simulations, to the prototype implementation and subsequent support towards the final completion of the product, with the availability of the laboratory and advice from technical staff regarding any kind of test.

One of Unitech's trump cards is its after-sales service, both technical and commercial, where they ensure an even faster and more reliable answers.

Ultrasound technology

Applications for ultrasound technology are varied; find out which is right for you.

Research and development

Unitech is always looking for the most advanced technology and solutions in the industry.

News and contacts

Contact us for any information regarding our products and services.

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